Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some picture!!

Well, we are back from camping and gearing up for our next trip. We leave for that one next Thursday. We are going to the Outer Banks and I am very much looking forward to it. We are leaving a day early so we can check out Williamsburg.

Here are some pictures from our fishing trip to Canada:

Gee is so funny. Sometimes when you ask him to smile he goes into a panick coma and just stares at you, other times he does this:

The 3 amigos in their boat gear!

A very unhappy Annie. She was in time out under the boat glove box. Pretty pathetic looking eh?

Ryan's mondo catfish!

Gee and mommy. He LOVED the boat, although this picture certainly does not show it!

The 3 little ones playing under the glove box. I set up a "tent" for them that you can't see.

Daddy and Gee. This was Gee's absolute favorite spot!

My little life vest beauty!

Until later!


Monday, June 9, 2008

Home and leaving again, plus a Gee update

Well, we are back from our trip to Canada.  We had a really great time and the kids were amazing!  They all loved the boat after they got the hang of walking around in it without falling.  The weather was good, although we had a 25 degree temperature swing from the beginning of the week to the end of the week.  The fishing was the best ever!  Our boat alone caught around 115 fish and that is mainly just Ryan fishing.  As always we enjoyed being with our extended and immediate family, but it is good to be home.

We leave this Wednesday afternoon for another camping trip.  Yes, I am feeling a tad overwhelmed, but it's all good.  Things might be a little crazy between now and when we leave, but once we get there I am sure I will have time to chill.  Right now I am washing tons of laundry and trying to get the camper packed.

We took Gee to the GI specialist again today.  Ryan went with me.  Pretty much we are just going to let things be with Gideon right now.  I am not sure how I feel about this.  I mean I am happy that there are no major problems staring us in the face, but I still feel something is off.  They are going to get his stool one more time and do 4 or 5 different tests on that and they are going to start some sort of meds to help with his constant poo-ing.  The Dr. wants his weight monitored for the net 6 months.  His weight is in the 5th to 10th percentile and his height is in the 5th.  The Dr. said he was glad to see Gee follow a growth curve, even if it is at the bottom of the scale.  He said the Gee seems very happy and healthy and for now I think he is just willing to except that this is just who Gee is.  I want to accept that also, but I guess I am just a bit skeptical.  But I am content enough to just do what the doctor says and see how things go.

I want to add some vacation pictures, but I haven't uploaded them yet.  Here are some ones from the last few weeks:

Gee's new hat.

Anna cheesing.  Do you see her boo boo on her chin?

Anna and Madeline "loving on" Gideon.

This was taken right after he got up.  I don't think he was feeling the love.

Until later......