Sunday, November 16, 2008

A very sad weekend......

This past Thursday Ryan's grandmother passed away.  I almost hate to say "Ryan's" grandma because I certainly claimed her if you will, as my own.  She was the most wonderful, Godly woman I have ever met and she is going to be severely missed.  She loved her grandchildren and great grandchildren dearly.  We were very fortunate to spend some additional time with her and grandpa this past year.  They went on all our camping trips with us and we loved getting to see them both more often.  When we got home with Gideon last fall, within days we went on a camping trip and they were there.  They celebrated all our children with us and Anna and Gideon were no exception.  I remember being at their house in Cincy and both grandma and grandpa prayed over them, specifically asking God to bless their health and to keep any past evilness from touching them.  At that time we were still really struggling with Gideon's health and Anna was still waking often at night screaming out.  I know those prayers were one of many that went out on behalf of my kids.   

Grandma was truly unique and had this way of making every single person she encountered feel special.  I miss her already, but I find great comfort in knowing that she is with her best friend, our Jesus.

So, this weekend was spent with family, remembering her life.  The viewing was on Friday and the funeral was on Saturday.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just a little election commentary.......

I am SO glad my hope is in the Lord, not in Obama and the steady downfall of our culture.  I am saddened and disappointed (although not surprised) that the US has chosen a leader that morally has no conscious.  I love my US of A, but it is making decisions based on man's selfishness. Nothing good will ever come of that.  Ahhhh, but such is life.  I will rest in the fact that the true King of this life is still in control, nothing happens outside of his will.


Monday, November 3, 2008

The last couple weeks......

So, I cut Annie's hair. I really like it although I was skeptical at first. I usually prefer long hair on the girls, but I was cutting Logan and Gee's hair and Anna wanted hers cut also. I was going to just trim it, but I ended up cutting like 3 inches off. It is adorable on her (although it looks a little wonky in the pics). Ryan said that now she really looks like Dora. Tis true.

We also went trick or treating last Thursday. We went to my Grandma's nursing home and that was lots of fun. The kids got way more candy than they will ever eat. Anna was a pumpkin, Gideon was a monkey and Madeline was a frog. Logan went at George Bush and Leah and my two nephews went as hie secret service.

A cute picture of the girls. They really are best buds.

Making funny faces.

Apparently baby had to go potty also.

Anna's hair, pre-cut.

Gideon loves his Papa.

We keep busy these days. Home schooling takes quite a bit of time and man, my days just seem to fly by. The three little ones are getting more independant and are getting to do more things. Like go up and down the stairs freely, climbing up on the bars stools, stuff like that. They even have their own coat hooks and shoe basket in the laundry. They are learning to hang thier own coats up and to put things away. The don't totally have the hang of it, but they are picking it up quick.

Until later.........