Monday, July 30, 2007

The Rings.

Those of you who know me know that I don't regularly wear a lot of jewelry. Ring-wise I wear my wedding band (of course) and my grandma's wedding band. I have gotten some nice rings as gifts over the years and I do wear them occasionally, but it wasn't until about a year or so ago that I started to wear another ring all the time. My mom got me a simple gold band with footprints engraved in it. I think it is suppose to go with the whole "footprints in the sand" theme. To me though it has a different meaning. The little footprints remind me of the "precious feet" you see so often associated with pro-life. And, for as long as I have had and worn the ring it has reminded me of the babies we lost through our IVF (we lost 2) and through our ectopic in April of 2006. I guess in some ways it has been my little way of remembering those babies when most people forget.

Well, yesterday Jen and I went over to the Westin to check it out. It had some nice shops there and I was looking at the jade shop. I am getting Annie a jade cross and jade earrings for her 13th and 16th birthdays. I started looking around for an inexpensive ring for me to remind me of Guatemala and our adoption. I saw a ring I really liked and didn't even realize until the shop owner told me, that the ring is the Guatemalan adoption ring. It is gorgeous and right up my alley. The sentimental value of it will make it something I will always treasure. Well, as I was leaving the shop I slipped off my engraved gold band and slipped on my newest treasure, and I cried. Right there in the middle of the Westin. God is so good and He has brought me/us so far. Not only are these adoptions a dream come true, but they are healing a lot of past hurts. To me my new ring is not only a symbol of Guatemala and our children's heritage and adoption, but it will serve as a constant reminder of God's faithfulness. God is so good to me, he always has been. Even when I felt totally forgotten, He was still being good.

I just feel so blessed.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

I have a minute

Hey everyone! I have a second to write while the kids are sleeping.

Things are going extremely well. More so than I thought they would. We've kind of established a routine and the kids are being such troopers! We are trying to walk quite a bit, that keeps them occupied. The baby room has been a great help! There are toys, high chairs, everything we need. The kids love to just unwind in here.

Gideon has been so much fun! He is quite the strong-willed child! We are going to be in trouble! And, he is a flirt that flashes his gorgeous smile at the drop of a hat. Oh my, watch out world! He really has a sweet personality, but he has already hit both his sisters, taken their toys and a battery of other minor misdemeaners, like taking Maddie's binki! You do not take a gal's binki and Maddie told him so.

I do not want to give him back tomorrow..... It is helpful though that Ryan will be coming to get him soon. They will have lots of fun together!

Annie reminds me of Boo from Monster's Inc. She just has that look to her and that sweet personality. Her and Gideon are both cuddler's, especially with me. I think though that Annie will stay that way. I think that once Gideon gets more comfortable he will be way too busy to cuddle. Annie is so funny though, she holds on like a little koala bear! She is really starting to loosen up and she flashed her big beautiful smile much more often!

Gideon's foster mom is coming tomorrow at 4:00 and our visa for Annie will be here around 4:15 or so. I think we are going to go to a nice restaurant tomorrow night to celebrate Annie coming home! It will also help distract me from thinking about leaving Gideon.

Our flight leaves around 6:20 Tuesday morning and we get home around 5:00. So, if I don't get to post again I will see you on the other side!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Somebody pinch me.

Annie is a dream. She is adjusting so well already. In the 15 hours that I've had her already she has gone from sobbing to smiling. As we speak she is sitting on my lap just being so good. You can tell she's not scared anymore and she is no longer tense. She still does not want me to put her down, but that is totally ok.

Unfortunately she is sick. They told me she was at the hogar yesterday and gave me some prescription medicine for her. Last night she had a fever. But, she sleep great. Her normal wake up time is 5 am and she got up right around 525. Maddie and Jen are still sleeping so we are here in the baby lounge.

Speaking of the baby lounge, I have been very impressed with the Marriott. It is really a very nice hotel. More so than the Marriott's in the states. Also, part of the reason I chose this hotel is that is super adoption friendly. They put most of the adoptive family on the same floor and there's a baby lounge here, actually right next door to our room. The baby lounge is pretty impressive. It is the size of two full rooms with tons of toys, books, high chairs, bouncy's, walkers, a microwave, fridge, sink and bottle rack, just everything you would need. Also the internet access is free here. The hotel also has a couple really nice restaurants and a free breakfast buffet. The gift shop is amazing. Sorry Ryan but they are going to be getting some of your hard earned cash!

Yesterday we walked around the hotel a little. We found a great little spot that does crepes. It was very yummy! We also found out the hard way that Jen's double stroller does not mesh well with Guatemalan sidewalks. Poor girl. She totally gave her biceps a workout and Maddie about got shaken baby syndrome! LOL.

We are debating what to do with our next 5 days. We thought about going to Antigua, people do that a lot, but we are a little worried about Gideon not having a passport yet, so we shall see. We also might go to the zoo. It is almost easier to be out doing something than just sitting around looking at each other.

Gideon is coming this morning and I am so excited! I cannot wait to see him again! As always it will be interesting to see how adding one more to the mix changes the dynamics. I am sure it will be fine.

I have to say so far things have been so surreal. That is why I say pinch me. I just can't hardly believe Annie is ours. I think it will really hit me when we get into the states. Right now it still feels a bit like we are just visiting. It is so emotionally overwhelming to me to grasp that this amzing child, and soon to be two children, are really going to be able to become part of our family. Adoption is truly an amazing thing. I feel so blessed.

Well, I need to go. I will write more later about the hogar and my experience there.

Oh and "hola" to Leah and Logan. I miss you guys terribly! Have fun with daddy! I cannot wait until we get home and you guys can meet your new sister!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Annie says hola!

Guess who it sitting on my lap trying to slap the keyboard! Miss Anna Maria COLE!!! I have her passport and we have said goodbye to the hogar, which was quite sad. We go to the US Embassy on Friday ans her visa will be picked up on Monday. Gideon comes in the morning, the party will really begin!

I have to be a little brief right now. Annie is really doing well. Lots of tears at first and she still tears up if I put her down, but that is ok for now. Maddie is so great with her so far. A little jealous, but doing pretty well.

Well, I have to go I will try and add pictures later!


A nnie

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Leav'in on a jet plane.......

Hey all,

We I have been super busy and super excited! Our flight to pick up Annie leave tomorrow at 6:15 am. Ryan, the kids and I are staying in a hotel tonight. We are leaving out of the Cincinnati airport because the tickets were cheaper. It's also closer for my traveling buddy. We will be back on the 31st at about 5:00 pm. I can't wait to bring Annie to her new home!

Gideon will not be ready for pick up unfortunately. I was hopeful he would be, but no such luck. I guess they had to track down his birthmom for her final signature (they have to sign off 4 times total). They have found her and have an appt. set up. This has delayed us and I am guessing Gideon will be another 3 to 4 weeks. This is a total bummer for me, but at least we will get to visit with him for 5 days and give him his birthday present. Also, my worrying mind wonders and I will feel better knowing this last signature is done.

Please keep praying for us. I just want everything to go smoothly! Also, Maddie is sick and we have a Dr. Appt for her in about an hour. A sick baby on a plane......not cool.

Thanks guys! I hope to update with pics, from Guatemala!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Annie, here we come!!!

Oh my, today has been a total mix of emotions. I have spent half the day crying and the other half on the phone. The good news is that we have our pink slip and Annie's Embassy Appt. is for July 27th.

A huge thank you goes out to Congressman's Jim Jordan's office. I talked to Susan there and she was so great! She totally went to bat for us and called the US Embassy. She did not have to drop everything today and do this for us, but she did and Annie is coming home! Thank you Susan from the bottom of our hearts!

So, we leave mid next week. Right now we are unsure of the day, but we will have it all figured out soon!

Thank you a hundred times over for your prayers!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You are NOT going to believe this...

Well, I talked to my agency this morning and we have our pink/Embassy appontment. It is for TODAY. Apparently our attorney just picked it up yesterday and the appointment was scheduled for today. The date on the pink slip is July 9th. So, I guess it was issued last Monday. Our attorney went and asked about our pink slip last Thursday and he said they said it was not ready yet.

How this happened is neither here nor there. Now we have to focus on getting the date changed. The problem is actually getting a hold of someone at the Embassy. They are about as evasive as the secret service. I can only assume real people work there as I have yet to talk to one. I am trying every avenue I can.

I have heard that once you do get the date changed, it can be rescheduled pretty easily. SOme people say the new appointment can be quite quick. We shall see.

To tell you the truth I am angry, but I am more sad. By all rights, Annie should be in my arms right now as Ryan and I's legal child. (Insert huge *sigh*) At the risk of sounding overdramatic, I feel like a dog that has a treat dangled right in front of him, indefinitely. Gimmie the treat already!!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

I gonna sing and shOUT!!!!!

Gideon is OUT of PGN!!!! Woo buddy, I am so excited!!! Both of my babies are finally going to be coming home!! I was so hopeful that he would get out this week, but I have been hopeful a hundred times before and it doesn't always work out. All I can say is "praise God!"

As for the technical stuff, we'll I don't have much yet. I know that Gideon's birth certificate is from Guatemala City and those take a good 2 weeks to get (2 to 3 days is normal). So, that will delay his pick up a bit. Also, we know nothing yet on Annie's Embassy date either. Ryan would really like to do just 1 pick up trip and I don't know how I feel about that. I bet Gideon will be another 6 weeks until pick up (realistically) and Annie should only be another 2. How can I make her wait on her mommy and daddy a full extra month. Actually I am getting a bit ahead of myself. We really just have no clue what we are doing right now and it depends a lot on time frames, etc. I really need to wait until our director gets home from Guatemala next week so that we can really take a look at everything!

Bye, bye for now!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Arggg, just venting!

***Warning, mindless whining ahead***

I am so tired of waiting! I feel like that is all I do! We should have had pink for Annie by now. Also, I have no clue where her case is even at! Our agency director is in Guatemala right now and she is going to see our attorney on friday and she said she'd ask him about our case. Things are just so different down there. The attornies get a little offended when you ask them too many questions and they aren't real forthcoming with information. This makes for a very frustrating me. Especially when I feel like we are delayed.

We have jumped through sooo many hoops, this should be the easy part. So, I am frustrated with Annie's situation and I am nervous with Gideon's situation. I want him to be out so badly....

Ok, so enough belly aching. Let's see how we can praise God in all this.

1. I praise God that we even have the opportunity to adopt Annie and Gideon.

2. I praise God that they are being well taken care of.

3. I still praise God that Annie is even out of PGN.

4. I praise God that Annie and Gideon's birthmom's chose life for their children and made an adoption plan for them.

5. I praise God for a family that is excited an supportive of our decision to adopt.

6. I praise God that was have so many prayer warriors lifting us up in prayer.

Ok, ok, I am so blessed, I just need be a little more patient.


Monday, July 9, 2007

Back from vacation and no news...

Well, we had a great time on vacation. The weather was really nice (for the most part) and the lake was as beautiful as ever. FYI, we go to lake St. Clair in Ontario, Canada. We mostly go to fish, but I really just enjoy the lake and time with my family (immidiate and extended....we go with my side of the family).

I am bummed however, that we did not get pink while we were there. I guess the embassy does not issue pink slips on Friday and they were closed two other days, so maybe we are just caught up in a backlag. I would love to even know if we have even been submitted yet. We certainly should be, but......

Also, I am somewhat hoepful that Gideon will get out of PGN soon. He's been in for about 8 weeks and people last week were getting out from May 8th to May 15th. His number should be coming up, if he even follows the rhyme and reason and if he doesn't get another knock out. I gal can hope though right?

Also, I think we have decided to change Gideon's middle name. We were out on the lake last week and I was just watching Logan goof around and I thought about how nice it was that he shares his daddy's middle name. I want Gideon to have that, I guess even more so than I want him to have his Guatemalan name. So, it looks like we will probably call him Gideon Ryan, instead of Gideon Alexander. I think we are going to keep Annie's middle name the same unless we find something we just love. Annie kind of already has my middle name. Her given first name is Ana and we are changing the spelling to Anna after my middle name Ann.

So, please keep praying. It is really hard to wait right now as they sit over in Guatemala just getting older...