Friday, February 22, 2008

A funny Picture of Anna!

Yesterday Leah did this to poor Annie. At first she thought it was cool, but she was getting ticked by the time I got my camera out. Seeing her getting ticked all wrapped up like that, well, I haven't laughed that hard in a looooong time. It was just so funny. Leah was cracking up also. Annie was just getting more and more angry and we were just laughing more and more. The poor girl. Good thing daddy saved her!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some Pictures (and a small update)

Hey guys, I thought I'd put some pictures up from our Florida vacation and give a little update. Update 1st........ Gideon's stool and urine samples from a couple weeks ago came back clean. Not terribly suprising for me though. I thought they were doing something different with the stool, but they ran another bacteria test on it and we have already done that. It was negative. As for the urine, they were checking that for a UTI. We go back to Children's tomorrow to repeat the sweat test. Hopefully we get it this time!

Well, here are our FLorida pics, or at least a few of them.

Here's Gideon in a look we occasionally see from him. You know like he is just way too cool for a picture.

Here are all the grandkids lined up in order. A pretty good picture for so many kids! The ages range from 10 (Leah) to 3 weeks (my niece Ava). 3 boys and 7 girls (one more girl on the way also).

The kids (especially the little ones) LOVED the little robot seagulls at the Finding Nemo exhibit. Water would shoot out and they would carry on with "mine, mine, mine." It was pretty funny.

These stingrays were at the entrance to the "Crush" interactive show (which was hilarious). The kids thought they were really cool and they didn't get scared by them.

Awwwww, I love pictures like this! Sweet little buddies

The whole family with Nemo!

Well, that's all folks!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just Updating!

Hey everyone, I just thought I would take a few minutes to let everyone know how things are going.

We spent about a week and a half gone to Orlando. We just got back a week ago. We had an excellent time! The weather was gorgeous and I really couldn't get enough of the sun. The kids we so good and I really think they had a good time. I will put some pictures up when I get them loaded.

Gideon and I went back to Children's last Thursday for his sweat test and some various samples. The sweat test was simple, but they were unable to collect enough. So, either they will redo the sweat test or run another blood test that is labor and cost intensive. We should find out this week. We were able however to get the urine and stool sample which was good. I killed time in Columbus waiting for the poor boy to poo for 4 hours! But alas, we got it.

Gideon seems to be in better spirits lately and hasn't had a fever in a few weeks. He can be so goofy and just plain silly these days. He is saying lots of new words like "work" and "hat." He even said "Chrissy" the other day. We are really proud of him!

Annie is doing well also. She is gaining weight and starting to look a little chubby. I love it! Out of the 3 little ones, Annie is the swiper of the group. I swear she does it just to tick Maddie and Gideon off (usually Maddie who is too possessive of her toys anyways). She is still our little snugglier. She loves to give and take physical attention. It is really adorable. When we go places, Annie is always the one I put in the baby carrier because she could just ride like that all day if I'd let her.

All in all, we are just growing together as a family. As it should be. It is a beautiful thing and I just feel so blessed.