Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally, some Gideon birthday pics!

Gideon had 4 different birthday celebrations this year.  Hey, we barely missed his first birthday, so I don't feel too badly for going a little overboard. We celebrated with my whole family the day before his birthday and then of course we had to have a little party on his actual birthday.  Then, we had a big pirate pool party for all his cousins and finally we celebrated with Ryan's family while camping.  Gideon and my niece are two days apart, so they partied together this year.  

The pictures are nutty as usual, but there are pics of his pirate pool party and his joined party (while camping) with my niece.  

PS.  I am so frustrated with my picture issues on this blog.  I have tried to remedy the problem in the few ways I know how (I am not computer savvy).  I wonder if it's not just a weird "Apple Computer" thing.  It seems I have a lot of issues with this computer not recognizing typical programs.  But, I have loaded pictures normally on here before.  **Sigh**


Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh dear gussy........

Well, I guess I asked for it.  A blog is indeed very public, meaning anyone can read and obviously post a comment.  Which truly is fine, but now I find it necessary to respond to such comments......

Please do not assume that we are uneducated or unenlightened on the pros and cons of circumcision simple because we do not share your opinion on the subject.  We have done our research, prayed about it and we have come to a conclusion that we feel is best for our son and our family.  I do not feel obligated to share those views on a public blog which is why they will remain our personal convictions.  As Gideon's parents we will always have his best interests at heart.  We don't get overly concerned with strangers opinions.  


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just Checking in.

I had a minute so I thought I would post and ramble on a bit.

The summer is flying by.  I mean seriously, where did it go?  I love fall and winter (until about early March) so the upcoming season change is just fine, but along with fall comes homeschooling, piano lessons, just more stuff.

We are leaving later today to go camping again.  It should be lots of fun and the weather is suppose to be really nice, not too hot.  A couple weeks after we get back, Ryan and I are taking the kids to Gatlinburg to camp for a week.  That will be tons of fun!  We have never gone on a week long vacation with just our family, so this will be cool/interesting.  I reserved our campsite, but I haven't put too much thought into what our week will hold.  I am sure lots of trails, bike riding and relaxing.  Can you tell we are really enjoying our new camper?

Anna and Gee are really doing great.  Anna is started to get really upset when we leave her (like at the church nursery or with the babysitter).  She often will cry when we leave her, but lately she will literally scream and throw a fit.  Within 5 minutes she is completely calm and fine, but it sure puts on a show.  Besides that Anna is really doing well.  We had/have a problem with her putting her fingers in her mouth.  She never had any fingernails when it was nail clipping time, well I am happy to say that this has gotten better.  I actually clipped her fingernails the other day.  I am proud of her because she got into a bad habit and now she just does so much better.  She still does it occasionally, especially when she needs comfort, but we are making strides.

Gideon is talking more also.  He is just repeating everything now.  I think he is just getting to the point where he can form word properly.  I actually think he speaks more clearly than Anna, but Anna knows more words and it putting words together better.  Gideon's circumcision is scheduled for late September (maybe the 23rd?).  Poor guy.  I do feel bad for him but I am sure he will heal quickly and be better in no time.  Ryan and I did debate a little about circumcision and whether or not we felt it was necessary.  We did some research and came to slightly different conclusions, but in the end I really feel like we are doing the right thing for our family and for Gideon.

Oh, all three of the kids have discovered cartoons.  I guess I realized a couple months ago that the kids never really watched cartoons.  I think that is just fine because I am sure many kids these days over watch the tv, but it has become a good distraction for them if I need to go do other things around the house.  Right now their favorites are "Go Diego, Go," "Dora the Explorer," the "Backyardians" and "Yo Gaba Gaba."  Let me just say that "Yo Gaba Gaba" is probably the most annoying show I have ever watched.  I think it even tops "Barney."  But, the kids love it.  If your kids have yet to see this show, keep them far, far away.  It came on after Dora one day and our kids were hooked!

Well, until next time!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Mommy, that my brother and sister!"

For the last week or so Madeline has been learning about siblings and cousins.  It all started when she said one of her cousins was her "sister."  So we have gone over with her a couple times what a sister/brother/cousin was.  So I was cleaning out in the garage today and the 3 little ones were out there playing.  They were actually playing really nicely with very few fights.  Out of the blue Maddie says "mommy, that my brother and sister."  She has finally "got it."  Obviously, this comment was especially sentimental for me.  My heart just swells when I see how close the little three are getting.  I just love that we can bring two strangers into our family and within a very short period of time they can become siblings in every sense of the word.

Maddie is kind of the bossy one out of the three, but I do believe she genuinely tries to keep the smaller two out of trouble.  She may be the first to yank a toy from them, but she is also the first to comfort them and tell them "it's ok" if they are sad.  Gideon loves to stick things in his mouth, you really have to watch him.  Out in the garage Madeline yanked something from his hand and of course he screamed (and said "Madeline, no!").  She had taken a little golf marker (like the thing you put on the green to mark your ball) from him.  I gave it back to him and then realized he probably ought not have it and I threw it away.  Madeline then said "I tell Gideon, don't choke on it."  Maybe she wasn't being as selfish as I originally thought.  I think she was watching out for her little brother.

Also, I wanted to add that Anna is speaking more clearly lately.  I still can't understand 1/2 of what she says, but a lot of things are becoming more clear and she is saying lots of new words.  I was a little concerned about her for a while.  Not overly worried or anything because I think she is doing great for not hearing English for over 1/2 her life, but I guess I have felt she doesn't speak as well as other kids her age.  Now, I don't normally worry about what every other kid does because I know first hand that each kid can be extremely different in how they develop.  But, when it comes to language with our two little Guatlings, I feel I need to be more diligent than I would normally be.