Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gideon update

We took Gee to the Dr. today for  a well child visit and I was pretty happy with his stats.  His weight (fully clothed) was 26.6 lbs.  That's not too bad and it put him right at the 10th percentile for weight.  I can take that.  I was happy with his weight, but I was very pleasantly surprised with his height.  I know he has gotten taller, but he is in the 60th percentile for height.  It was a pretty accurate height check also.  He had very low profile shoes on and I even thought the nurse was measuring him a little short when she was actually doing it.  Our Dr. agrees that Gee probably has some sort of food intolerance/sensitivity due to his frequent, nasty smelling poop, but that is a very hard thing to figure out and sense he seems to be growing well, I think we are just going to continue watching it.

Ahhh, my little man Gee.  He really is growing up.  He was so good for the Dr. today.  I remember when he use to whine when he even saw a Dr.  He let the Dr. check all he needed to check and even almost smiled a few times.  Which reminds me.....  Gee does the cutest little "I am not going to smile," smile.  He can be so stubborn, but you can just tell he wants to smile sometimes, but won't for whatever reason.  That is what he was doing today.  So cute!


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