Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Madeline is bilingual!!!

Actually, she is trilingual (is that a word) if you count the dozen or so words she knows in Spanish.  Anyways, she speak English and Annerish.  Anna talks A LOT.  I can understand probably 80% of what she says, but that other 20% has me baffled.  That poor girl, I will have to ask her over and over again to repeat herself and then I still usually can't get it.  Well, it seems now that Madeline has become her interpreter of sorts.  Now Madeline will chime in and say "no mommy she wants X."  This is happening more and more and it is just funny to watch.  It is also very sweet to see my girls so close!

A potty update.......  Gee is doing not too bad.  To be honest, I have had to run lots of errands the last couple days, so we haven't been all that focused on it.  While when been home he's only had one big accident and he has pee'd on the potty a few different times.  So, all in all he is doing good.   It is way to early to tell if he knows he needs to sit on the potty BEFORE he actually goes, but at least he's not afraid of the potty.  And, he is learning how being a big boy works.


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